Parks & Recreation

Both village parks are open to the public.  Laura Hughes, our Parks Administrator, can be reached at

Gunn Park

Gunn Park

Gunn Park, located in Village of Edwardsburg, South Side of Pleasant Lake on Lake street, covers 3.2 acres.(map) It is maintained by the village and is the site of the annual Memorial Day Festival.

Mrs. Gunn sold the property to the village for the purpose of providing a park on the shore of Pleasant Lake, where she and her husband raised their family.

Lindbergh Park, located on Cass St. (Daily Rd.), north of the Village, was named for Mrs. Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh’s mother.

Mrs. Evangeline Lindbergh’s plane was forced down in a snow storm near that location in a flight from Mexico City to Detroit in 1928. Charles Lindbergh is well-known for flying solo nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean.