Edwardsburg Cemetery


Edwardsburg Cemetery, also known as Pleasant Lake Cemetery, is located on Cemetery Drive, off Hamilton Street in the Village of Edwardsburg.

Cemetery Board Members

  • JoAnn Mackling - Chairperson
    (269) 663-2045

  • Gary & Gail Levan - Sextons
    (269) 816-1510

  • Jay Penny - Council Representative

  • Suellen Hawks

  • Nancy Stoner

  • Richard Beopple

  • Joyce Brown

  • Jim Robinson

Cemetery Burial, Lot, and Marker Base Rates

Edwardsburg Cemetery Rate Schedule (effective April 2019)

Please call sextons Gary and Gail Levan at (269) 816-1510 to discuss arrangements.

Cemetery Board Meeting agendas & minutes


No current agenda

Cemetery Red Book

The Cemetery Red Book, compiled by Nancy Corwin and Amelia Castle, is a listing of graves located within the Edwardsburg Cemetery. The book was compiled in 2006 and updated in 2012. Please keep in mind that this should be considered a partial listing and does not reflect recent burials.

Red Book (PDF version)

The website migenweb.org offers the same information in a web-based format. FindAGrave.com is another helpful resource for locating and finding grave information.