Village News January 2019

The Village Council met on Monday, December 17th for their regular monthly meeting.  President Mackling appointed Jay Penny to the council to fill a partial term created with the resignation of Jim Meltinos.  The Village would like to thank Jim for his service to the community and Jay for his willingness to serve. 

Water Superintendent John Monaghan will be stepping down after 40 years of service to the village, but will stay on as a consultant.  Street Superintendent Rich Low will move into the Water Superintendent roll.  The Village is in the process of hiring a new DPW member.

The new snow plow has arrived!  It is fire engine red with a stainless bed.  Now we just need some snow. 

Just a reminder from the street department.  Please do not shovel or blow snow into the street.  Please clear all obstructions and debris from the sidewalk in front of your personal property so that the plow can get through.  The sidewalk plow is 48 inches wide.  This also includes cars parked in the driveway that may cross a sidewalk.  The street department is not responsible for opening up the end of driveways after the plow has run.